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to show the world Jesus

Training and equipping disciples of Jesus is a priority at THE WELL. That’s reflected in our existence statement: THE WELL exists to glorify Jesus by building up disciples in love, faith, and good works and actively equipping and sending them to change the world – where they live and breathe – outside the four walls of the church. Our objective is to empower disciples of Jesus to flow naturally and confidently with the supernatural move of Holy Spirit and to do ministry as Jesus did.


To that end, we offer diverse training throughout the year from a 9-month basic supernatural ministry school to various short mid-week courses and weekend intensives on a variety of subjects including Healing, Deliverance, Evangelism, Prophecy, Identity, Relationships, and Understanding the Bible. All our training is meant to be experienced. It is not simply gaining more head knowledge or technical or theological information. Education apart from action will never result in transformation. To that end, more time is spent “doing” than “talking.” Participants get to practice what they learn in a Holy Spirit-empowered environment that encourages risk taking and accelerates growth. All training is designed to equip and mobilize everyday believers into a Kingdom lifestyle that shows this world Jesus.  


For more information on our current training and equipping opportunities, please email us at or call us at 410.987.3440.

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