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Find Others

We live in a society that cheers on the “I can do it myself” and independent lifestyle. The problem is, we were never meant to live this life alone.

What Does That Mean?

We are relational beings and God has called us to live in community. Whether it’s discussing the simple things in life like the weather, or sharing those vulnerable places deep inside our hearts, we are meant to have these conversations with a community of people we know and trust. Finding others is about connecting with people, building actual friendships, and living life with people….normal people, just like yourself.

Why Do We Do Groups?

Sundays are busy. Let’s face it, between getting the kids out the door, attending service, and trying to beat the Sunday rush for lunch, church can at times be a whirlwind. It is a great place to say hello, but you’re probably not going to really connect with people in the five minute span between walking through the doors and anxiously awaiting the service to start. So, the main way people really find others is through connecting with one of our small groups which we encourage everyone to become a part of.

Final Thoughts

A follower of Jesus Christ was never meant to fly solo. We were created for community.  Without community, we simply cannot reach the full potential of our spiritual selves. Don’t short change your walk with Christ, join a small group. We have a variety of groups that meet throughout the year including home groups (also known as LifeGroups), youth, youth band, women’s Bible studies, and our School of Kingdom Ministry.

For more information, please email us at or call (410) 987-3440.

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