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kids & youth ministry

The Well Kids has the same mission as the rest of The Well which is “to know Jesus and to make Him known.” This means we make disciples of Jesus by equipping people to do the things that Jesus did.


As such, the Well Kids encourages children to know the love of GOD, to know their true identity in Christ, and to know the reality of Holy Spirit in and around them. This is founded on the belief that there is no junior Holy Spirit, and that, when we make room for Holy Spirit in our children’s ministry, Holy Spirit always responds.


We want every child to feel loved, encouraged, and built up. To do this, we engage with the children through three main methods: teaching, activation, and play. We teach our children foundational Biblical truths that will carry them through their teenage years and beyond. Using exercises called activations, we empower our children to know/experience GOD personally, to hear GOD’s voice, and to engage in Holy Spirit-led activity and ministry. We engage our children with fun and engaging activities that involve putting into practice the things learned during our teachings and activations. These three things allow the children in The Well Kids to have a blast while establishing and empowering a powerful life-long relationship with Jesus.

For more information about The Well Kids, please email us at  

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